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Code and instructions for the 2019 LIU Apps Summer Honors Institute
* Activity object, onClick methods
** Learning objectives
- Know the major areas of the IDE: Project tree, Editor, Layout design
tab, Build output, Log output.
- Be able to create and run Android Virtual Devices (AVD)
- Understand how to add instance variables and simple methods in Java.
- Create live Buttons and TextViews on an Android Activity.
** Tasks
- Start with branch ~lesson1~, which displays a counter and an
Increment button.
- Add a decrement button.
- Add a reset (to zero) button.
- Try disabling the decrement and reset button when the counter is
already zero.
- Try adding a Random button, which sets counter to some number from
zero to one thousand.
* Arrays & loops
** Learning objectives
- Syntax for one- and two-dimensional array creation and indexing in
- Syntax of (counter-based) for loops in Java.
- Understand how (nested) for loops and (two-dimensional) arrays work
- Understand how to translate two-dimensional grid coordinates into a
one-dimensional index (and vice-versa).
** Tasks
- Scaffolds for this unit are in ~lesson2~ branch.
- Construct methods for initializing, printing, finding min/max within
- Use a for loop to initialize a series of TextViews with Strings from
an array.
- Work on a console version of the Flood puzzle!
* Binary, hex, & colors
* Layouts & XML
* Life cycle & saveInstanceState
* Custom views & onDraw
* Intents & startActivity
* A working FloodGame!
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