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* Binary, hex, & colors
** Learning objectives
- Convert between binary and decimal, and between binary and
- Understand additive color model where red-green-blue can be combined
to convey other hues.
** Tasks
- Demonstrations for this unit are in ~lesson3~ branch.
* Layouts & XML
** Learning objectives
- Construct basic layouts using horizontal and vertical LinearLayout.
- Understand the parameters and options for width, height, weight,
padding, gravity.
- Edit in both Design mode and Text (XML) mode
** Tasks
- Starting from ~lesson4~ branch, build a layout like my FloodGame
options screen, featuring title, play button, two SeekBars
(sliders), and some RadioButtons. (The palettes don't need to show
multiple colors; we'll cover that later in "Custom views.")
* Life cycle & saveInstanceState
* Custom views & onDraw
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