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More atom packages

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{pkgs, ...}:
{pkgs, lib, ...}:
# Could make this into a derivation if I need to patch any
# paths into the config files.
skel = ./skel;
rsync-args = "--copy-links --chmod u+w --verbose --recursive ${skel}/ $HOME";
atom-pkgs = ["atom-html-preview"
"build" "busy-signal" # build requires busy-signal
home-manager.users.student = {
......@@ -17,8 +22,8 @@ in
echo 'Press enter to proceed or control-C to cancel.'
read answer
apm install atom-html-preview
rsync ${rsync-args}
${lib.concatMapStringsSep "\n" (p: "apm install ${p}") atom-pkgs}
echo 'Configuration files reset, we will now log out'
echo 'and back in for changes to take effect.'
......@@ -34,12 +39,12 @@ in
before = [];
after = [];
data = ''
for pkg in atom-html-preview lorem; do
$DRY_RUN_CMD rsync --ignore-existing ${rsync-args}
for pkg in ${lib.concatStringsSep " " atom-pkgs}; do
if [[ ! -d ~/.atom/packages/$pkg ]]; then
$DRY_RUN_CMD apm install $pkg
$DRY_RUN_CMD rsync --ignore-existing ${rsync-args}
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