Commit 3cab4ce4 authored by Christopher League's avatar Christopher League
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nix update

parent 4f822b7f
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@
, gitlib, gitlib-libgit2, hashable, hedgehog, hpack, iCalendar
, lens, mime-mail, mime-types, mtl, pandoc, path-pieces, resourcet
, shakespeare, smtp-mail, stdenv, string-conversions, tagged, tasty
, tasty-hedgehog, text, time, transformers, unix, unliftio
, unordered-containers, wai, yaml, yesod, yesod-auth, yesod-core
, yesod-form
, tasty-hedgehog, tasty-hunit, text, time, transformers, unix
, unliftio, unordered-containers, wai, yaml, yesod, yesod-auth
, yesod-core, yesod-form
mkDerivation {
pname = "cms101";
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ mkDerivation {
filelock filepath ghc-lib-parser gitlib gitlib-libgit2 hashable
hedgehog iCalendar lens mime-mail mime-types mtl pandoc path-pieces
resourcet shakespeare smtp-mail string-conversions tagged tasty
tasty-hedgehog text time transformers unix unliftio
tasty-hedgehog tasty-hunit text time transformers unix unliftio
unordered-containers wai yaml yesod yesod-auth yesod-core
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