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GitLab CI: some investigation, use custom Docker img

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image: ubuntu:18.04
image: league/haskell-stack:20180605
# Here are two problems we're trying to solve with this before_script:
......@@ -12,17 +12,19 @@ image: ubuntu:18.04
# need build-essential.
- apt-get -y update
- apt-get -y install netbase curl
- curl -sSL | sh
- echo USER IS $(whoami)
- echo HOME IS $HOME
- ls -l /
# For some reason, just `stack` uses the old version, so explicitly
# ask for the new one from ~/.local:
- stack build
- echo Fake build
- echo PWD is $(pwd)
- mkdir .stack-work
- touch .stack-work/SAVED
- /root/.stack
- /home/bookme/.stack-work
- .stack-work
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