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## Haskell Setup
1. If you haven't already, [install Stack](
* On POSIX systems, this is usually `curl -sSL | sh`
2. Install the `yesod` command line tool: `stack install yesod-bin --install-ghc`
3. Build libraries: `stack build`
If you have trouble, refer to the [Yesod Quickstart guide]( for additional detail.
## Development
Start a development server with:
stack exec -- yesod devel
As your code changes, your site will be automatically recompiled and redeployed to localhost.
## Tests
stack test --flag bookme:library-only --flag bookme:dev
(Because `yesod devel` passes the `library-only` and `dev` flags, matching those flags means you don't need to recompile between tests and development, and it disables optimization to speed up your test compile times).
## Documentation
* Read the [Yesod Book]( online for free
* Check [Stackage]( for documentation on the packages in your LTS Haskell version, or [search it using Hoogle]( Tip: Your LTS version is in your `stack.yaml` file.
* For local documentation, use:
* `stack haddock --open` to generate Haddock documentation for your dependencies, and open that documentation in a browser
* `stack hoogle <function, module or type signature>` to generate a Hoogle database and search for your query
* The [Yesod cookbook]( has sample code for various needs
## Getting Help
* Ask questions on [Stack Overflow, using the Yesod or Haskell tags](
* Ask the [Yesod Google Group](!forum/yesodweb)
* There are several chatrooms you can ask for help:
* For IRC, try Freenode#yesod and Freenode#haskell
* [Functional Programming Slack](, in the #haskell, #haskell-beginners, or #yesod channels.
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