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Objectives through lesson7

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...@@ -71,8 +71,58 @@ Code and instructions for the 2019 LIU Apps Summer Honors Institute ...@@ -71,8 +71,58 @@ Code and instructions for the 2019 LIU Apps Summer Honors Institute
* Life cycle & saveInstanceState * Life cycle & saveInstanceState
** Learning objectives
- Understand the [[][Android Activity Lifecycle]], and some reasons that an
app screen might be suspended or destroyed.
- Know how to enable and navigate Android developer options on a
- Know how to switch between apps on Android, and kill a running app.
** Tasks
- Start with ~lesson5~ branch (which is essentially a solution to
- On your emulator, enable developer options and set "Apps » Don't
keep activities"
- Override ~saveInstanceState~ in the counter app so that we can
maintain the counter between interruptions.
- Illustrate that input widgets maintain their state automatically, as
long as ~super.saveInstanceState~ is invoked.
* Custom views & onDraw * Custom views & onDraw
** Learning objectives
- Understand how to use ~Paint~ objects to draw on a canvas, including
fill and stroke styles in different colors.
- Understand the canvas coordinate system, with origin on the upper
- Know how to use a few basic canvas drawing methods, like ~drawRect~
and ~drawCircle~.
** Tasks
- Start with ~lesson6~ branch. The layout includes an object of class
- The custom view contains a boolean instance variable is controlled
by a checkbox.
- Come up with a simple drawing to put in the box, using basic shapes
like rectangles and circles. It should have at least three shapes
and two colors.
- Make /some/ aspect of the drawing optional, so the check box will
affect the drawing in some way.
* Intents & startActivity * Intents & startActivity
** Learning objectives
- Understand how to invoke a new activity with ~startActivity~ in a
typical way (so the back button works).
- Be able to pass data from the previous activity to the new one,
using the ~Intent~ object.
** Tasks
- Start with the scaffolded app in ~lesson7~ branch. It's the counter,
but this time there is a checkbox and a "Verify" button. The idea is
that the user is supposed to predict whether the displayed number is
prime, and then click Verify to see its factors.
- We will need to create the Intent in onClickVerify in MainActivity,
- And then initialize the values in onCreate in FactorActivity.
* A working FloodGame! * A working FloodGame!

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